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“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Each woman, including you, has so much potential hidden inside waiting to be discovered. There is not one other woman in the world that is exactly like you which means within you is a unique expression of the divine feminine.

And guess what?

The world NEEDS you!

But it can be extremely hard to see our value and feel our worth. This keeps us stuck in a self-perpetuating cycle of NEVER FEELING GOOD ENOUGH. Never good enough to aim for that dream job, never deserving to have that amazing dress, car, house, not worthy enough to approach that man and tell him how you really feel. These are all self-defeating concepts that prevent you from really going for your deep feminine desires.

Having beliefs like this only have power over you if you believe them to be true. When you believe them there is no space between WHO YOU REALLY ARE (the free, passionate, expansive, open, loving, feminine powerhouse) and whom you THINK you are. The beliefs that you carry inside are not fixed but mutable. You just need to have the BURNING DESIRE to change how you perceive yourself.

When you tap into this inner thirst to live a life with greater peace, abundance, power, expression, freedom, joy, pleasure…you start to AWAKEN parts of you that were suppressed many years ago.

You see, women are incredible.

We have a powerful PRIMAL FEMININE INSTINCT that employs strategies to keep us safe in environments that don’t have the capacity to nurture, acknowledge, validate, love or accept our fullness as a woman. When this happens we play small, keep quiet and hide those parts deemed unacceptable to reduce the negative impacts on ourselves and ultimately, survive these unloving experiences.

However, as an awakening woman, it is essential to invest energy into transforming these old beliefs that say it’s not safe for you to FULLY SHINE.

“To establish true self-esteem we must concentrate on our successes and forget about the failures and the negatives in our lives.” Denis Waitley




Thoughts are the gateway to truthfully seeing how you relate to yourself. When you become aware of that your thoughts create lack and limitation, you have taken the first step to change them. With awareness, comes power. So grab a pen, paper and a find a quiet place. Write down all the positive and negative beliefs you have about yourself. Once completed, look to see if your list is mostly positive or negative. This will give you a rough indication about your perceived value in the world. When a negative belief comes up in your mind, state one of your positive beliefs immediately after to re-write the old, negative belief.


It has been scientifically proven that thoughts have a physiological reaction in your body. A negative thought makes you feel small, tense, tight, uneasy, shortness of breath and makes you question yourself because your body thinks you are under threat. A positive thought makes you feel safe, grounded, open and lighter. Go ahead pick 3 negatives and 3 positive beliefs about yourself. As you say each one notice how your body reacts. Pause for 30 seconds or more to ensure you feel the relationship between your body and beliefs. Notice as you say the positive ones, if a voice of doubt rises up, note that in the negative list, is this belief trying to keep you small?

‘We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are’, Anais Nin


As you start to feel the effects of your beliefs it’s time to make a decision:

Do you want to stay stuck in this negative thought space or take the steps necessary to unlock your hidden potential and discover the amazing feminine goddess powerhouse within? If you say yes to be a goddess powerhouse, then this primal wisdom is inviting you to take action to re-wire your self-doubting thoughts. By investing a small amount of time each day you can start to infuse yourself with the new perceptions of how AMAZING YOU REALLY ARE.

Set yourself time daily to write 3 new beliefs about yourself and remember it takes strong desire to make a strong change. You may sit on the same 3 beliefs for a week or month. Some examples of new beliefs are ‘I am amazing’, ‘I am worthy to receive a pay rise’, ‘I am loved and supported’, ‘I am so abundant, I have all that I need and more’. Once you have your 3 beliefs written down, you then repeat them in your mind with your hand over your heart.


As you repeat your new beliefs feel the energies or sensations that start to emerge on in or around your heart. At first, you may struggle to feel these words. You may even be inclined to reject them. But hang in there. The more time you dedicate to this practice your body will start to awaken all the AMAZING potential of empowering beliefs hidden within you.

AND TRUST ME, it is all within you… you just need to start believing it!


Photo by Tamarcus Brown on Unsplash

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