A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform (Diane Mariechild).

Women are born with a primal sexual instinct. It is an essential function when embodying our FULLNESS. When we don’t give ourselves permission to connect & explore this natural part of ourselves we can become disconnected from our core sense of self. This leaves us feeling lost and broken. The ever-present feeling that there is ‘something wrong’ or that there is something inherently ‘bad’ overshadows the truth of our delicious sensuous self.

Women frequently worry about their appearance, smell, taste, function, desires and dreams. They suffer in silence about their low self-image & worth. They hold fears of being exposed for their ‘dirty’ secrets about their natural sexual expression.

This dear sister keeps us trapped inside our own bodies.

Bound up in a vicious cycle of self-consciousness. We no longer have the ability to separate what is true from false. We carry copious amounts of fearful limiting beliefs that label us as bad, wrong or not good enough. For any woman who carries such a burden, she knows the shame. It is like a dear friend who lingers beside her. It isolates her from intimacy. It prevents deep sensuous pleasure and keeps you constantly alert for those who may expose or humiliate your deep secrets.

The endless pains and ailments that our feminine body suffers such as cancer, gynaecological problems, menstruation issues, and stress-related diseases are all a wake-up call. The time is now. We need to stop contracting our beautiful bodies against these fearful beliefs. We need to stop trying to deform our figures to fit into size 8 clothing. The more a woman attempts to match her image with that on the front page of the latest hit magazine creates more stress on her body. When we feel stressed, our bodies contract and subsequently our connection to our body does too.

It’s about being comfortable in your own skin. It’s about knowing and accepting who you are (Ellen Degeneres)

At present, many women walk around trapped in their thoughts. The more a woman roams in recesses of her mind, the less connection she has with her heart and sexual centres.

When I ask clients to connect with their deep desires by feeling into their heart space, most find this challenging. They have never been shown how to lovingly attune to their bodies wisdom. Recently I attended a course ‘Getting to the core of sexuality trauma’. The facilitator Ariel Giarretto eloquently expressed ‘the more you are in your body, the more you love and accept it regardless of size or shape.’ Let’s extend this even further to say that if you have a loving relationship with your body and feel safe to openly explore yourself, then you would NOT care what you look like, smell like, taste like or feel like. To feel safe and at home in our own bodies allows us to deepen our intimate relationship with ourselves.

This is what inspires me.

The potential of women truly loving all of themselves and knowing the feeling of safety in their own bodies. When women feel safe, they open like flowers. They feel a sense of autonomy to explore their inner desires and needs. They feel safe to be curious about their own bodies. When women give themselves the permission to rediscover their bodies, they start to exude a confidence. They can attune to their needs and can articulate their desires to a loving partner.

Women who relearn how to lovingly connect with their sexuality are like a magnetic beacon for other women. It is by the natural law of attraction that we get drawn to these women who embody what we desire for ourselves.

A long time ago temple priestesses and sacred prostitutes were renowned for their great powers and worshipped with reverence. They used their sexual energies as a catalyst for healing arts. All women contain these inner healing powers. Our orgasmic energy is the most transformative energy we have to work with. Especially if we learn how to move it through our body’s and direct it with intention.

So how does a modern day woman open to her sexual power?

First, it starts with desire. When you feel an inner stirring, give yourself the permission to start exploring. Set a clear intention of what you would like to cultivate in your life for example, build a loving relationship with your body and sexual power. Then stay open to the variety of opportunities that start to enter your life.

In collaboration with Ariel’s suggestions & my personal homes rituals, here are:

5 easy practices that nourish the awakening of your body.

#1 Body Mirror Gazing

Gazing at your beautiful NAKED body on a daily basis. That’s right… learning to love your body shape, size and colour. The more we give our body’s loving acknowledgement the more we sparkle from the inside out. This may be a big challenge for someone who really despises her body. So it may take some determination to retrain your thoughts to lovingly accept your body as it is. To start, only focus on the parts of yourself that you love or appreciate about your body. Notice how you feel inside as you focus on the loved parts.

#2 Yoni Mirror Gazing

Our yoni is probably the least observed body part. It tends to be a no-go zone for most women. They avoid connecting with her at all costs. But if you don’t connect, how do you expect your lover too? This is an important part of your reconnection journey. Lovingly gaze at your yoni with curiosity. Look at the different shapes, textures and colours. Marvel at the gift of pleasure she brings!

  • Monthly Moontime, a woman’s cleansing cycle.
  • Procreate, women are blessed with the incredible ability to give life.
  • Sensuous and Orgasmic Pleasure, our clitoris has an over 8,000 nerve endings dedicated exclusively to female pleasure and that’s just the clitoris.
  • Root Charkra (Muladhara), This represents the feeling of safety in our bodies and our ability to stay grounded.
#3 Body Exploration Massage

Start to connect with your body in a loving way. From head to toe we have a multitude erogenous zones. Most of our erogenous zones go overlooked because we haven’t learnt about the sensuous potential our bodies hold. They in turn, become desensitised. A big part of our journey home is to reawaken our whole body as a sexual organism. Committing to a regular self-massage, exploring and discovering your erogenous zones, like your ears, neck, scalp, toes, thighs and breasts will help you to become SENSUALLY ALIVE.

#4 Yoni Exploration Massage

Get intimate with your yoni. She is waiting to be explored. Experiment with your touch, with different speed, pressure, and movements. Feel into the different sensations as they rise and fall. Notice when your thoughts start to wander off. Gently invite your focus back to your pleasure centre.

Observe the flow of your breath. If you hold your breath, notice if your body contracts. Breath holding usually indicates that you are holding back from the sexual energies flow freely through you.

Most importantly be kind on yourself. This practice develops over time. With regular commitment to this home practice you will start cultivate deeper connection to your yoni and stream of energy inside your body.

#5 Take A Class That Takes You To Your Edges and Beyond

Ever felt the desire to get connected with your sensual, sexual self but not quite sure where to start. Then here’s your chance! Check out what classes are available in your area. Pole dancing, tigress yoga, dancing eros, erotic dance, belly dancing are all great feminine based practices to guide you into feeling fully alive in your feminine body. Trust your feminine intuition to select the right class for you. Or you can check out my website for the services I offer for women wanting to connect with their feminine powers.

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