Hi beautiful, I’m Naomi

Do you feel lost, worried or have an inner knowing that something has to change but you don’t know how or why?

You are in the right place!

I know what that feels like. I’ve been there and I want to help you!

I teach women, both nationally and internationally, the exact steps of how to live a life with PASSION, CONFIDENCE and PLEASURE by gently overcoming any stress and sabotage patterns. I am dedicated to providing women with the tools they need to get out of their toxic mind and reconnect with their body- reclaiming their Embodiment Success.

A woman who intimately loves who she is, including her emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and sexual self, becomes a CHARISMATIC FORCE. Join my Facebook page for daily tips, advice and practices HERE.

My coaching approach sets me apart from other coaches because I teach women how to feel at home in their beautiful bodies using an exclusive feminine somatic (body, felt-sense) method. I guide women to re-learn how to prioritise their needs, listen to their instinctual desires, and transform any issues that get in their way of really enjoying life. Any area in life where you desire change and success will be re-wired through your mind-body transmission into the world. In our time together, you will develop a rock-steady cohesion that is unshakeable.

I support you to let go of your protective armour to reach deeper states of intimacy with themselves, lover and life.

my story

My personal story is one of evolution. The strategies I employ today are the ones I used to grow from a highly anxious, self-loathing and shutdown woman to a woman with CONFIDENT ALIVENESS. As a young woman I didn’t have the skills to overcome stress or that there were opportunities to end my inner suffering.

“My feminine power was waiting inside of me and I never knew how to access it, until I started to say yes to new opportunities. This was the beginning of something remarkable. Learning how to feel sensation in my body, I knew instantaneously that something powerful had awoken within me and I was determined to share this with other women who desired a life of passion, happiness and pleasure. Teaching women to value themselves, own their self-worth and feel confident…to love and appreciation the gift they are…to walk with passion…to change the way they relate to themselves and the world and with this renewed perspective, instilling the wisdom that they can achieve anything they put their mind, heart and soul to.”


I have over 10 years experience facilitating a safe place for women to shine using Shamanic, Eastern and Western practices, drawing on my Social Work, Art Therapy, Somatic Experiencing qualifications, Non-Linear Movement and Native Indian American Shamanic Linage.

I am a contributing writer to MINDBODYGREEN and REBELLESOCIETY publications.

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Much Love,

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