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Ready to learn how to value yourself, own your worth and feel confident?
Ready to kick those toxic, self-critical thoughts to the curb and own your feminine brilliance?
Do your desire deeper intimate connection by feeling loved and supported?
Want to learn the right tools to feel at home and in love with your beautiful body?

Here’s What To Look Forward To When Working 1:1 With Naomi

Naomi’s private coaching packages will teach you the exact steps and techniques to create lasting happiness!

  • Receive expert guidance and teachings that connect you to your body and power.
  • Learn the tools to unleash your femininity that open you to new levels pleasure and abundance in your life.
  • Clear any past wounds that prevent deeply connected, healthy and lasting relationships.
  • Learn how to move through difficult emotions or experiences by gently overcoming stress and trauma patterns.
  • Discover how to feel more confident, attractive, magnetic and powerful.
  • Learn how to prioritise yourself without sacrificing other important areas of your life.
  • Access skills to strengthen your relationship with yourself, your lover and life.
  • Naomi is an incredible teacher, healer and guide. While every session is different, she gently holds space for you to work through each step at your own pace, and the environment is completely supportive and gentle for even the most gnarly of issues. After each session I came out feeling more aligned, more confident and better equipped as a woman to handle whatever comes up in life. I highly recommend Naomi to any woman who wants to do some amazing healing, self-exploration and become more in tune with their femininity and feminine power. Honestly life-changing and amazing on multiple levels.

  • Naomi is a beautiful and gentle soul that makes the session so comfortable.
If you are looking for a renewed sense of self and a better way to feel confident as a woman than I highly recommend her. I am happier and less anxious. I am a better Mother and partner. But the biggest thing I have gained is a connection to myself. I got lost under all the pain and problems. It has been a blessing to have myself back. I am forever grateful.

    Amy Counsellor and Mother
  • Trans-formative, compelling and deeply rewarding whilst held in a space that is safe, enabling a deep understanding of the subconscious conflicts that prevents us from aligning with the outcome we desire. Even after years of personal and professional development, I was amazed how quickly and effectively Naomi Cameron was able to facilitate profound shifts in my understanding. Naomi holds an amazing space for us to truly understand and transform.

    Anonymous 34, Byron Bay
  • My body had stored subconscious trauma and I had never understood this. Because that trauma was unresolved, it was still at effect. Tired of the old self abusive, self-destructive patterns, tired of being tired of them, I reached out to Naomi and her amazing work. Naomi’s work is truly co-empowering. Through this work I have touched the true essence of my true being. Free from the shadow of past trauma. All facilitated with a soft gentle power that allowed my experience without judgement, without pity, but with a determination and power that allows transformation to occur.

    Natasha Roberts 49, Alice Springs
  • I was so grateful when I found out that I would be doing sessions from the comfort of my own home and through a phone call. I was able to get more comfortable and I felt less afraid to open up as I didn’t have to face anyone when I expressed my fears and anxieties. She helped me find happy places in my mind where I could imagine myself whenever I was in times of stress. I have learnt to not feel guilty whenever I experience an emotion, communicate with my family better about my emotions and that I do truly deserve love and I am not actually a sack of potatoes I had watched imagined myself to be. Naomi thank you so much for changing my outlook on myself and life, Chelsea x.

    Chelsea Student
  • I am extremely grateful to Naomi for the emotional healing that I have experienced working with her. Naomi provided me with a very safe space to work through some very deep emotions that I was struggling with, emotions that I was not able to put into words. She is highly skilled at her craft and comes from a place of such unconditional love and genuineness that transformation just happens very quickly. I can’t thank Naomi enough for supporting me to work through some deep seated wounds that allowed me to feel whole again and have given me a strength I did not know I had inside of me. She truly is a specialist in trauma informed practice and emotional healing.

    Kerri-Anne Chilvers (BPsych Hons) Case Manager/Group Facilitator

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